GAP Insurance Comes in Handy

One that that we here at Bergstrom Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM pride ourselves in is being able to offer the best in new and used cars. One thing that is needed before any car can leave the car lot is making sure that insurance has been purchased. One type of insurance that one can purchase is GAP insurance.

GAP stands for Guaranteed Auto Protection. What this type of insurance consists of is the cash value of a vehicle in difference to the balance that is still owned on the financing of the vehicle. This type of insurance is very critical because folks lease a vehicle and know that there is an increase between the actual value and the lease end price. Some financiers, lease companies, and some dealers require that GAP insurance be purchased.

The most important thing is finding out if GAP auto insurance is mandatory. We here at Bergstrom Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM can explain to you everything that you will need to know about GAP insurance.

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