For the adventurous soul, a vehicle is about more than just getting around town. It’s about getting off road and off the grid, especially for drivers in Oshkosh, WI, where adventure is a way of life.

Those looking to explore the great outdoors will find the vehicle they've been longing for in the Jeep Cherokee. Equipped with legendary traction that’s perfect on a variety of terrains, the Jeep Cherokee has three 4x4 systems to assure you adequate traction at all times. The vehicle has excellent ground clearance to avoid road or trail hazards and can ford water depths of up to 19 inches. It also handles well and has incredible maneuverability. With capabilities like this, you won’t be left stuck or stranded.

With several Jeep Cherokee models available, you are sure to find the perfect vehicle to fit the needs of your everyday life, as well as your adventurous side.

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