The Chrysler Pacifica, the popular family minivan, is in a class by itself with a hybrid engine and second-row family entertainment theater. After the athletic-looking exterior, the Stow ‘N Go seats, and the hot tech package, what more could you want from the Chrysler Pacifica? Check out the revolutionary safety features as you sit in the driver’s seat. They're worth a look.

The Pacifica’s adaptive cruise control with stop and go uses sensors to make sure you stay a safe distance behind anyone you’re following, and the cruise control starts functioning at zero mph, so the cruise control is available from a dead stop all the way up to highway cruising speeds.

The available full speed collision warning lights come on in the dash and audible sounds also alert you when you need to stop the car to avoid a collision. The Pacifica will engage with automatic emergency braking if necessary.

To explore Chrysler Pacifica’s fascinating interior, take one for a test drive today.

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