The new Chrysler Pacifica has an objective, and that is none other than to provide families like yours a better driving experience. The automaker's focus on the comfort and convenience of you and your loved ones is absolutely clear in the way that it has promoted this minivan. In fact, just recently it announced a partnership with PBS Kids, another entity well known for its commitment to family. Through this union, Chrysler hopes to teach every member of your household more about the benefits that come with the ownership of a new Pacifica.

As you can see from the image above, the central figures in this collaborative video series are beloved Sesame Street characters like Cookie Monster. By presenting information about the Chrysler Pacifica in this manner, it is not only easier but more fun to learn about all that this minivan has to offer! This strategy is just one of the ways the automaker wants you to know that there is enjoyment to be had with this model.

So go on and watch some of the videos from the series with your kids and find out what kind of exciting features await onboard this new vehicle. We are sure you too will enjoy the clips! And when you have decided to get your Chrysler Pacifica, we will be waiting for you at Bergstrom Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Oshkosh.

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